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Evans Construction is a commercial building contractor serving the Kentucky and southern Indiana market since 1968.  We can design and build a new facility or addition that will meet your needs and construction budget.

Most of our clients use Evans Construction because we are a multi-disciplined company with capabilities of providing various types of services that may be required in a construction project.  Our professional staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of construction, and a large portion of the work performed is accomplished by experienced open shop personnel under the direct supervision of Evans Construction.

On every project, we make our clients part of our team.

We will deliver your project on time and within budget.
Based on your needs and requirements, we offer cost-plus and lump-sum contracts, combined with competitive bids on design projects.  Evans Construction will create the construction team by hiring sub-contractors and coordinating vendors, while working collaboratively with your design team.  The entire project is supervised by our professional project management team.

Single source responsibility to ensure the success of your project.

Our design and construction team professionals work collaboratively to streamline completion of project, maintain accountability for the project from start to finish, and provide consistency and continuity to the project.

Our objective is to control time and cost, and maintain quality.
We work with prime contractors to develop and maintain a schedule for completion of your project, and obtain acceptance of each schedule change, making recommendations for corrective action if necessary.  Our team will provide you with construction estimates and budgets and will monitor and minimize costs throughout the construction project.  Pre-qualifying contractors and on-site, daily supervision assures quality and cost of project.

Detailed cost estimating offers you the opportunity for substantial savings on your project.

Time and materials expenses produce savings for the client, while setting a project cost plus percentage for the contractor/builder.

Value Engineering leads to better product / equipment designs.
By utilizing Value Cost Engineering, the design choices made during the development process are supported by techniques which allow the project team to weigh up the value of product features against the costs of those features.  Value Cost Engineering is the ability to estimate or calculate the cost of a component. 

"Safety First . . . Customer Service Always!"

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